Friday, December 8, 2023
Legacy Automation, Inc.

Licensed supplier of Lamb technologies. 

Controlled Entry
Vacuum Roll Handling
Roll Head Inserters
Roll Handling Upgrades
Legacy Automation, Inc. provides technical design and service support for the following equipment and systems:

Pulp Cutter/Layboys
Pulp Bale Finishing
Market Pulp Bale Dewiring
Waste Paper Dewiring
Paper Roll Finishing
Pulper Charging Systems
PLC & Drive Automation
Hepburn & LAMB Pulp Bale Press
Vacuum Lift Attachments

Pulp Cutter & Sheeter Knives
Roll and Pulp Finishing Line Upgrades
In-shop Equipment Rebuilds
Controlled Entry Systems
RCL Packaging spare parts
Hammer and Knife Hogs
Forest Products Equipment
Engineering & Field Services

In-Mill Services

  • Field Service for pulp bale, paper roll and secondary fiber systems. Typically covers maintenance, control system tuning and review of spare parts stocking.
  • Engineering Services for feasibility studies, project definition packages and/or optimization efforts for pulp bale, roll wrapping and handling, as well as secondary fiber systems. 
  • System Audits to identify opportunities for efficiency improvement and safety enhancement.  May be based on in-house review of Lamb Grays Harbor Co. records or combined with on-site evaluation. 
  • PLC Conversions to update obsolete control hardware and software platforms.  Includes complete engineering and documentation as well as commissioning services. 
  • Training Programs for new and existing systems that are customized for each situation to maximize customer benefit. Programs typically utilize a combination of classroom and hands-on instructional methods.

Pulp Bale Finishing

  • Cutter-Layboy systems for processing a wide range of web widths, speeds and automation levels. 
  • Bale Handling and Wrapping systems, from stack formation through wrapping, tying, marking, stacking, unitizing and delivery to warehouse.Hogs
  • Upgrades and retrofits to virtually all installed cutter-layboy and bale line equipment for enhanced performance, reduced operating cost and improved safety.

Roll Finishing

  • Roll Handling equipment and controls for reliable transfer from winder to warehouse, including conveyors, elevators, ramp systems and vacuum truck attachments. 
  • Kraft Roll Wrapping equipment from identification through wrapping and labeling, covering a wide range of product sizes, production rates and automation levels. 
  • Upgrades and retrofits to installed roll  finishing systems to provide enhanced performance, reduced operating cost and improved safety. 
Bale Dewiring

  • Recycled fiber and market pulp handling systems with controls for pulper charging. Highly effective automatic dewiring technology for waste bales with the Wirewolf Mark V  dewiring station and the WireWolf MP-99 for market pulp dewiring.
  • Upgrades and retrofits to existing fiber handling and dewiring systems to provide enhanced performance, reduced operating cost and improved safety.

Pulp Cutter Layboys Hogs and forest products

PLC & Control Systems Safety Audits and Controlled Entry Systems

Roll Vacuum Truck Attachments
In Shop Equipment Rebuilds

Pulp System Upgrades
Field Engineering


Legacy Automation, Inc. is here to serve your needs, whether it be for new systems, improvement upgrades or Spare Parts and Field Service for existing Lamb Grays Harbor Co. equipment.