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Legacy Automation, Inc. (LAI) is a North American based manufacturer of processing equipment for the Pulp, Paper, and related industries. As the exclusively licensed supplier for Lamb Grays Harbor Company products, LAI offers a wide array of machines and processing systems to serve its worldwide customer base.

Core products for the Pulp industry include state-of-the-art pulp cutters, Lamb knives, pulp bale presses, bale wrapping systems, bale handling equipment, pulp charging systems, and automatic bale dewiring systems. LAI also maintains an exclusive license to JT Hepburn bale press technology and fully supports the installed base of Hepburn bale presses.

LAI also provides the Pulp and Paper industries with efficient solutions for virtually any roll handling or roll wrapping requirement. Whether the requirement is conveying, sorting, measuring, weighing, wrapping, labeling, upending, or orienting of rolls, LAI has a reliable product to fill the need.

LAI is committed to providing outstanding ongoing support that is sharply focused on the specific needs of its broad customer base. Support services include a responsive spare parts division tasked to provide OEM quality components for any Lamb Grays Harbor spare parts, JT Hepburn bale press spare parts, or RCL Packaging spare parts. LAI also maintains a skilled product engineering group to help customers rapidly identify and eliminate root causes for equipment problems. Millsite services include system audits, troubleshooting, maintenance supervision, software tuning, and training.

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